Monthly Archives: May, 2012

Newport Cafe

It had been one of those weeks at work. So as soon as I left work, I went home, got the dog, and headed for the beach. Time to listen to the waves, get my feet wet, feel the wind in my hair, and look for some rocks and driftwood. I figured we might have to settle for fast food when it came to dinner, it would be late when we got off the beach. But there it was, just blocks from the intersection of Highways 20 and 101, shining in all its neon glory and proclaiming its 24 hours a day, the Newport Café. I knew where I’d be stopping for dinner. Continue reading →


Marshmallow Melt-Aways

This guilty treat is one of the first recipes I learned. Some time in middle school this recipe is introduced in Home Ec classes across the nation. I was pleased to learn that my niece learned how to make these in middle school as well. Unfortunately her friend had not had the culinary pleasure. Continue reading →

Broccoli Rabe, Rotini, & Chicken

The farmer’s market seems to be swimming in rabe. I had heard of broccoli rabe, also called rapini, before and had thought that it was a specific plant. My Google search agrees with me, here’s a Wikipedia definition. However, there seems to be all kinds of different rabes at the market. The farmer’s seem to be referring to any budding side shoot of the cabbage family. I’ve found kale rabe, mixed rabe, and broccoli rabe; however, I don’t believe the broccoli rabe  I bought was rapini but the small shoots of a broccoli plant. Honestly, I’m not real concerned. They were all quite tasty. Continue reading →