Dark Chocolate Triple Ginger Cookies

Dark Chocolate Triple Ginger Cookies
So I was strolling through the local Trader Joe’s a couple of weeks ago and these caught my eye. I thought, “I like ginger…I like chocolate…I should try these.” Um, I’ve tried them alright, more than once now! They are delightfully addictive and have become my favorite cookie. Luckily I can’t eat too many at one time because the ginger is so strong.


Dark Chocolate Triple Ginger Cookies (1)

From the side of the box, “A kicked up chocolate lover’s version of our best selling triple ginger cookie. Made with 3 types of ginger, fresh, ground, and chunks of crystallized ginger, then enrobed in a thin layer of dark chocolate, this is a snappy cookie with a crunch bite and rich chocolate finish.” I’m not sure what Trader Joe’s puts in its chocolate coatings but I’m pretty sure if they covered an old shoe with it I’d like it. The cookie itself is crisp with the lovely sharp taste of ginger. I’m not sure I would want to eat them by themselves as the chocolate takes just the right amount of edge off the ginger.

Dark Chocolate Triple Ginger Cookies (2)This looks like a seasonal item, so if you want to try these lovely little cookies I’d get right in there. Then again, you may not. I might have to go through a withdrawal process when they’re gone.


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