Salad Topper: Deep Fried Peas

Fried PeasDeep fried what? When I found these once before, that was what everybody asked. A local store had them in their display of dried foods from a local vendor. They were okay, a bit hard but tasty and a refreshing change.

I had a chance to visit The Oregon Zoo last week and so made a detour to one of my favorite stores, Uwajimaya. I hadn’t been there in years and my friend was up for the further adventure.

Fried Peas and PackagingI had to guess that fried peas were what I was getting. They were in with the snack section so I had a pretty good idea that it was. Parts of the back of package are in English, mostly the ingredient list, but that was about it. Shopping at Uwajimaya is like that, it can be quite the guessing game. I was a bit surprised when I opened the bag and found little tiny bags. It was like the large bag had spawned; each little bag is about 1/3 ounce, just about the right amount for a small salad. I’m not comfortable with that much packaging so I don’t know if I’ll buy this brand again, I’ll look for others that have less packaging.

Individual Package of Fried PeasI did discover that my original purchase had probably been on the shelf a bit longer and that was why they were so hard. These peas are nice and crunchy, but not too hard. It’s hard to describe the texture, more crunch than a nut but not as much as one with a toffee coating. I’ve also been eating them straight just like you would nuts. The garlic was definitely a plus; there were other flavors available as well. It’s also hard to describe the taste of fried peas. It reminds me of peanuts but with a definite pea flavor. The flavor is both richer and mellower than fresh peas.

I haven’t tried frying them on my own, perhaps when fresh peas are available this summer. If you’re looking for something different to top your salad with, give deep fried peas a try.


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