Eggs in a…with a Blanket

There are many names for this dish. So far I’ve heard Eggs in a Cradle, Egg in a Hole, Toad in a Hole (I don’t know where that comes from!), Eggs in a Basket, Hens in a Basket, and, “I didn’t know it had a name.” I think my introduction to this dish came from Moonstruck. Rose is in the kitchen making this when Loretta comes home from her first night with Ronny. I came across the recipe again in a kid’s cookbook, Fairy Tale Feasts: A Literary Cookbook for Young Readers and Eaters
. I couldn’t remember if I had ever had this dish, so of course I had to fix it right away. The idea of the blanket came from this book as well.

This recipe is simple and infinitely changeable. At its very core you need bread, eggs, and butter; from there you can add anything.

Cut a hole in the bread, butter each side and put in a preheated frying pan over medium heat. Break an egg into the hole (I break it into a small bowl and then pour, it’s easier). Flip the bread once the white is set (as you would with a fried egg).


Whole Wheat (Dave’s Killer Bread), Bacon, and Gouda

Bacon and Gouda (2)

Sopressata and Asiago Cheese on French Bread

Sopressata and Asiago Cheese

Veggies with Mozzarella on French Bread (cook the veggies right in the pan with the bread)

Veggies with Mozzarella

Veggies with Mozzarella (1)

With cherry tomatoes and cherries on the side. Yum!


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    I have always called them One Eyed Jacks. :). Your variations look delicious.


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    1. The veggie one is particularly nice because you can pretend it’s good for you 😀


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