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Salad Topper: Deep Fried Peas

Fried PeasDeep fried what? When I found these once before, that was what everybody asked. A local store had them in their display of dried foods from a local vendor. They were okay, a bit hard but tasty and a refreshing change.

I had a chance to visit The Oregon Zoo last week and so made a detour to one of my favorite stores, Uwajimaya. I hadn’t been there in years and my friend was up for the further adventure. Continue reading →


Newport Cafe

It had been one of those weeks at work. So as soon as I left work, I went home, got the dog, and headed for the beach. Time to listen to the waves, get my feet wet, feel the wind in my hair, and look for some rocks and driftwood. I figured we might have to settle for fast food when it came to dinner, it would be late when we got off the beach. But there it was, just blocks from the intersection of Highways 20 and 101, shining in all its neon glory and proclaiming its 24 hours a day, the Newport Café. I knew where I’d be stopping for dinner. Continue reading →

Apples and Bacon

I’m a fan of non-stick cookware, but for some recipes cast iron is just better. This is one of those recipes. I’m sure non-stick would be just fine, but cast iron just feels right here. Maybe it’s because I could see just about any of my ancestors cooking this dish and they would have used cast iron.

The basic recipe came from the book Scandinavian Cooking: Classic Cooking from Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland but I couldn’t leave it as is. I actually increased the fruit to bacon ration (yes, less bacon) as well as adding a few things. It turned out to be quite tasty and not nearly as heavy a meal as you might expect. Continue reading →

Corn Dogs and Fried Twinkies

Ah, the State Fair, the lovely chance to search out foods you don’t normally see and probably shouldn’t eat. Fair food is also found at festivals, boardwalks, and other kinds of carnival or temporary gathering. While you’ll find the foods we now expect to find at a fair, e.g., corn dogs, fries, cotton candy, funnel cakes; vendors are always trying something new to attract customers. Continue reading →