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Brew BQ – A Pacific Northwest BBQ Joint

BrewBQMeat, I wanted meat…and alcohol. It had been a very long stressful week. Most of my meals had been vegetarian or veg with token pieces of chicken or seafood. Don’t get me wrong, I like going vegetarian but after a while I need meat, particularly when stressed. So when my coworker suggested dinner out on a Friday night I had two requirements:  alcohol and meat; chicken, fish, seafood, or hamburger need not apply, only chunks of meat carved from a large animal.

Luckily my coworker enjoys meat and drink as well. We spent quite a bit of time trying to think of a place that would fit the bill but not let us overspend or over eat. At least Brew BQ is fairly inexpensive.

Brew BQ is a hole in the wall place next to Flattail Brewery. It’s easy to miss if you’re not looking for it. I’m not sure how to describe the decor, but I’ll go with upscale Southern shack or maybe upscale redneck shack. Lampshades and chandeliers are from pint beer glasses (with various logos) and 22 oz. bottles. There’s an image of the “mud flap girl” made of bottle caps on one wall and across from her there is a matching image of a truck driver (complete with belly and cap) in the same pose. Continue reading →


Slow Cooker Ribs

Slow Cooker RibsI have a confession. I believe this may have been the first time I’ve cooked bone in ribs. They always seemed difficult and rib meat tends to dry out quickly. That is why I love my slow cooker! You put the food in and several hours of ignoring it later, viola, done! This is so easy I’m afraid that I’ll be cooking ribs much more frequently now. It’s time to use up all that barbecue sauce sitting in the cupboard.

It was too wet and cold here (and I was far too lazy today) to try this, but instead of adding the barbecue sauce to the pot you could remove the ribs and finish them on the grill. That would give them those caramelized barbecue sauce bits that many people mistake for burnt sauce, mmmm. This method will still be great in the summer as a slow cooker doesn’t produce a lot of heat like your stove or BBQ would.

You will have to check on this recipe once or twice as the cooking time will vary as to the type of ribs and the bone to rib ratio. The garlic slow cooks and starts to melt into the sauce. If you want slow cooked garlic (it tastes kind of like roasted) then use the largest cloves. Continue reading →

BBQ Grilled Corn on the Cob

It’s hot. Oh I’m sorry; I meant to say Oh My God it’s freaking HOT! I was born, raised, and have lived most of my life in the Willamette Valley. I’m pretty certain that I can say with some justification that natives of the Valley, and the greater western Pacific Northwest for that matter, are complete whiners when it comes to summer weather. The thermometer inches anything over 85, much less for some people, and let the complaining commence.

It rained for 3-4 months straight, every single day, in winter? That’s okay, I can deal with that. A little snow or ice, sure that’s okay to. But when it’s hot enough that the only thing you have energy for is sitting on the couch sweating, well, something’s wrong there. Logically I know that I have nothing to complain about. We have a great climate and rank pretty low on the scale of major weather or natural disasters. Perhaps I’m out of practice since our summers have been rather wet and relatively cold the last few years. On the up side, I make actually get some tomatoes off my plants this year. I better anyway.

So what does all this complaining bring me to? It’s too hot to cook. It’s time to break out the grill and some easy recipes.  Well, I wouldn’t even call this a recipe, just a great idea. I had some Carolina style barbeque sauce leftover from a trip to Brew BBQ in Corvallis and I had fresh corn on the cob. If you haven’t had Carolina style sauce, it’s vinegar based with peppers and herbs rather than tomato based. It’s not as thick as most barbeque sauces and adds a lot of moisture to the food. That is my understanding anyway, having never been to North or South Carolina I can’t say for sure. Continue reading →