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Butternut Squash Fondue/Soup

Butternut Squash FondueThis is an odd yet yummy recipe. Depending on the size of the squash you use (and its moisture content I’m betting) it’s either think, creamy soup or fondue. The first time I made it, it was a little too thick and cheesy to be soup. So I broke out the bread cubes and called it fondue. Since there is only so much fondue one person can eat by themselves I took it to work so that my guinea pigs coworkers could tell me what they thought. Everyone gave it the thumbs up and agreed that it should be a fondue instead of a soup.

The weather has taken a quick turn to winter again it seems and I had a squash hanging out on the counter asking when I was going to use it (food doesn’t talk to you? Hmm, you should have that looked into).

To be quite honest, I like this squashy fondue better than traditional fondue. Plus, you have the added benefit of the nutritional veggie base. You can keep it vegetarian by using vegetable broth and you can keep it low fat by using nonfat broth and Neufchatel cheese.

The hot sauce and paprika don’t make the dish hot or even spicy but they definitely add depth to the flavor, that something you can’t quite put your tongue on. It will still be good if you leave it out, they weren’t in the first version. Continue reading →


Boursin Style Spread

Boursin Style Cheese SpreadTraditionally family holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, um…yep, those two I guess) we have celery stuffed with jar cheese. There are two kinds that we usually use, the white cheese stuff with pineapple and the yellow cheese stuff with pimento. For quite some time I’ve questioned what exactly this stuff is made of, not that I really want to know. I just have the uneasy feeling that it wasn’t really cheese and if it wasn’t really cheese what could it possibly be? I will say the empty jars make great glasses for kids. We always had a collection of “cheese glasses” that were used for kids or drinks in small quantities. They’re hard to break and, at least use to be, decorative.

My brother even branched out a couple times and bought packaged cheese balls when he was requested to pick up the cheese for the celery. It doesn’t really work very well, doesn’t spread like it should for this job, and again, I’m not really sure it’s cheese or mostly cheese.

This last Christmas was the first without Mom. All kinds of things were up in the air, different people cooked the feast, it was even more potluck than it usually is, so I thought I would break the jar cheese tradition.

This recipe contains real cheese, well, cream cheese. The point being, I know what’s in it. It might not be good for me from a nutritional stand point, but at least I can pronounce it. It has a much more complex flavor than the jar cheese. That’s okay; our tastes have changed a bit from the bland 70s. And while it will last for a while in the fridge, it won’t last forever on the shelf.

The Boursin style spread is not only good for stuffing celery, but as a dip, or even a really tasty sandwich spread. Continue reading →

Bacon Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms

Bacon Cream Stuffed MushroomsSo these are incredibly easy. They actually came about because I was trying to clean out the fridge, you never know what your going to find in there. It will also be easy to figure out how many to make. Figure out how many person you need times the amount of people, then repeat this recipe that many times. The recipe makes one stuffed mushroom.

You can always jazz up the flavor by mixing herbs into the cream cheese. In hindsight I probably should have used some yogurt to loosen up the cream cheese a bit so that would melt better but I really liked the clean straightforward taste with the recipe as it is. Continue reading →

Grilled Strawberry Sandwich

It’s here, it’s here! *Squee!* Something about strawberry season brings out my inner gleeful child. They are indelible proof that summer is finely here. I mean sure, I still need the heat on some nights, it’s overcast and raining for weeks, and I’m still wearing sweaters to work, but it doesn’t matter; fresh strawberries mean that summer is here. They are the advance guard for the parade of fresh berries, fruits, and vegetables that will cross our plates for the next many months. Strawberries mean a reprieve from apples and citrus fruits, as fond as I am of them. Continue reading →

Trader Joe’s Red Pepper Spread

Quite honestly, I don’t remember why I bought this product. I think it was one of those browsing moments that went something like this, “Hmm, looks interesting and look its cheap!” Memory says it was $2-3. A couple months later I discovered it in my cupboard and decided it needed to be used up. Continue reading →

Salmon Filled Mushrooms

What can I say? I love mushrooms, I love smoked salmon, I love cream cheese. I guess I can say, tasty!

15 mushrooms
Garlic salt & black pepper to taste
2 Tbsp. sliced green onion
3 tsps. Pimentos
½ lb. salmon
3 oz. soften cream cheese
2 Tbsp. sour cream
½ tsp. Worcestershire sauce
Dash hot pepper sauce
Dash paprika Continue reading →