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Strawberry Asparagus Salad

Strawberry Asparagus Salad

Spring in a bowl, that’s what we got here. As a kid, asparagus season was met with dread. Maybe Mom should have tried serving it raw instead over cooked. I had no idea you could eat asparagus raw until I was an adult, well into my 30’s. Wasted time, I tell ya. Raw asparagus has a sweet gentle taste compared to its cooked form (of course, I like the cooked for now as well, as long as it’s not overcooked).

The dressing will work just fine if you only heat it enough to incorporate the honey. The picture shows it that way, I was too hungry to wait for it to reduce. It’s much better if you can reduce it some, but it’s tasty either way. Continue reading →


Seared Scallops with Strawberry Balsamic Reduction

Seared Scallops with Strawberry Balsamic ReductionBalsamic vinegar and strawberries are friends. Balsamic be all like, “Strawberry! Missed ya! Why you only visit me once a year?” I figure they should have a good long visit together… in a pan…where they wouldn’t be interrupted. And seared scallops are just seared scallops; they’re awesome all on their own. We all know that spinach already gets along with everybody else so I had to invite them to the party. I can’t say much more here other than sometimes I impress even myself, which is saying a lot. My inner food critic is pretty harsh.

By the way, I did not lick the browned butter out of the pan when the scallops were done. It was tempting but I resisted. Instead I wiped it up with crusty bread and then toasted the bread. I highly recommend this! So yummy. Continue reading →

Strawberry & Spinach Salad

Strawberry & Spinach SaladLast week was one long week. The roofers showed up Monday for the new roof, I started a new job, and allergy season hit like Mohammad Ali. By Friday night I was all in. Good news showed up in my inbox from Denison Farm though, strawberry season has started! They’re a few weeks early, but I’ll take it! The first strawberries of the season were enough to draw my itchy, watery, exhausted rear out the door and down to the farmer’s market. I had planned on getting at least a half flat, but since they only had about a flat left by the time I made it down there. There was a line behind me, so I settled for a couple of pints. There will be more strawberries to come.

The first strawberries call for something simple, I’ve waited all year to taste fresh strawberries, I want to taste the strawberry. So I settled for a classic, which is all I could handle through allergy fog anyway. I used raw almonds, if you use salted almonds I would leave the salt out. Continue reading →