Monthly Archives: February, 2012

Le Patissier

Le Patissier means the pastry chef; you can listen to how it’s pronounced hereâtissier. My American tongue has a hard time wrapping itself around the word. My tongue had no problem with their food however.

This French bakery is on Circle Boulevard in Corvallis anchoring one corner of the strip mall located behind Market of Choice. I’d tried stopping by once or twice before but they’re only open mornings and early afternoons. Continue reading →


Rice Pudding – 3 Ways

Orange Rice Pudding

A friend gave me her rice custard recipe (thanks AJ!) that had been handed down in her family; it’s the first recipe below. No offense to her grandma, but people are quite confused when I call it custard as this recipe does not contain eggs (custard is a mix of starch and egg while a pudding does not require  eggs). So, therefor I give you Rice Pudding. Continue reading →

Sautéed Sesame Brussels Sprouts

It’s surprising how these flavors compliment each other. The seasame really brings out and adds depth to the Brussels sprouts flavor. It’s also quick and easy, always a bonus.  Continue reading →

Corvallis Indoor Winter Market

I love a good Saturday market. All that (hopefully) fresh produce straight from the farm, so many possibilities! This is what we hope to find anyway. We can also hope for the fair like atmosphere we’ve come to expect from some markets. I find I have mixed feelings about these event markets that are solely based on my mood at the time. If I’m there to get my groceries and get out, then I’m not as enamored of them. Continue reading →